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Face Shapes and Styles

Square FaceWith an OVAL FACE, most any cut will work, however very long or short styles may accentuate a long face.  Bangs will create an illusion of width for those with straight hair, and if your hair is wavy or curly, using a curl enhancer will give those curls that extra bounce.

Round FaceROUND FACE does well with a cut that ends below the chin, but a short cut with tapered layers that fall softly around the cheeks and chin works as well. Adding height to the crown area will give the appearance of length to your face.
The SQUARE FACE needs to counter the harshness of the chin and jawline with a cut that frames the face. A choppy, pixie style, will work for a shorter cut, but avoid the squared-off bobs and straight across bangs.
A cut that is full on top or a longer layered style starting at the cheekbones and graduating downward works well with a HEART SHAPED FACE. Bangs are best if off to one side and well blended.
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